Hotres Websites

Your website an effective sales tool

Increase bookings with beautiful and modern hotel websites that are based on our Hotres resrevation system.

Mobile friendly

Every year more people make reservations on the move - statistically 80% of consumers use mobile devices to make reservations. We've got you covered! Our websites are fully responsive so everything works perfectly on smart devices!


We make technology work for your business. Hotres Websites are always optimized so that it loads as quickly as possible and obtains high positions in search results - Get found by more guest!

We use tools to test our sites for the correctness of the code - W3C, speed - GooglePageSpeed, Gmetrix.

WWW + Booking Engine + Channel Manager

Generate direct bookings with a beautiful website!


We approach each project individually.

We don't create websites using pre-made templates. Getting a Hotres Website you can be sure that your brand will be personalized and unique. Modernize your web presence!

CMS system

Make changes to your content anytime you need!  Simple and intuitive control makes editing subpages, news and media as easy as pie!

Using the latest technologies ... since 2002

Our projects always meet strict standards of the web code correctness - according to W3C specifications. This is very important when in goes to search engines and how it will be displayed in various browsers. Both the front of the page and the administrative panel are fully based on the Zend Framework engine, which guarantees high level of security and optimal and stabile performance.

Increase your hotel’s profits!

Your Website - Your effective sales tool.