Channel Manager

Connect. Manage. Sale.

Maximize your hotel online presence with Hotres Channel Manager and get full occupancy thanks to the integration with top sales portals.

Unleash the maximum potential

Thanks to Hotres Channel Manager you can manage prices and restriction for all OTA channels. Set availability and prices for exact period. Manage and increase profits - everything from one place.

What are the advantages of a Channel Manager?

Zwiększenie ekspozycji Increased exposureSell your rooms online on the best OTA channels possible

Zmniejszone ryzyko overbookingu Reduced risk of overbooking Avoid overbookings with real time availability and rates sync

Dystrybucja na największych OTA Distribution on the largest OTAsWe're connected with most popular sales channel out there

Oszczędność czasu Time savingManage and send prices for all distribution channels with just one click

Pełna weryfikacja Full verificationNothing slips through. We analyze all the data in the form of a log

Elastyczne ceny Flexible pricesSend different prices for each channel - whenever you like

Central OTA management

It doesn't matter how many OTA channels you use, each booking automatically reduces the availability of your listing.

Hotres Channel Manager provides a consistent price offer for accommodation in all sales channels. Managing prices and availability has never been easier!

Direct integrations with top channels

Hotres Channel Manager offers integration with the largest OTA channels such as, AirBnb or Expedia. At the same time, we are developing connections with META search engines, e.g. Trivago, Agoda, TripAdvisor. We're constantly updating and adding new possibilities of integration with new sales channels.

Connect. Manage. Sale.

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Full API connection

Connect with the best sale channels only through certified and full 2XML synchronization. Update prices and availability in real time, without any hassle.

Effective pricing policy

It's completely up to you whether you apply a common pricing policy across all channels or set individual prices for each channel.

You have the right to independent pricing! Set different prices for Booking Engine (your website) and OTA channels (Expedia, Booking). Sell it at the right pricing!

Efficient control system

Monitor activities and results. Hotres Channel Manager has extensive insight data analisys and reports, which can be used to better understand and improve your business performance. Understand your data!

Your external listings in one place

Avoid overbookings, maximize your profits. Try Hotres free for 14 days.