Additional functions

Improve your work and accelerate your results

Hotres has many useful modules that will improve the work of any rental business.


We prepared a dedicated panel for cleaning service. Desktop, smart devices? It's completely up to you! Quickly manage room condition at a glance right on your dashboard and make assignments. Simple, right? :-)

Owner panel

Perfect solution for short-term Lettings property management. Create an individual panel for apartment owners, set up restrictions and let them see only what's important, e.g. sales reports.

Gift vouchers

Accelerate your sales and start selling vouchers! The voucher can be set for any amount money, and its purchase process is the same as for the sale of a room. Vouchers are always a great source of additional sales.

Electronic door locks

Hotres is designed to work flawlessly in combination with electronic door locks. Access codes are generated automatically after booking confirmation and sent via SMS. Hotres can be integrated with: RentingLock, Pinio, Pinmaster, BookingLock and Ikr.

Ticket sale

Hotres is the only tool you need in order to sell tickets. Sell tickets for a New Year's Eve party or a live event - the sky is the limit :) The purchase is completed with fast payment and sent confirmation to the Guest.

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